All classes of Billy Education, hereinafter referred to as “the Center”, must be reserved in advance, with 4 sessions for each reservation. Note: “Interview Class for Primary School Admission” and “Little Baby Playgroup” must be reserved for 8 sessions for each reservation.

All class (coupon) purchased, prepayment and/or fees paid to the Center are non-refundable. For class (coupons) or prepayment, they can be used for the attendance of class of the Center within 1 year from the date of purchase (“Expiry Date”). The Center has discretion to extend the Expiry Date in exceptional circumstances without guarantee.

The Center now offers the following courses, and we will continue to introduce new classes, so stay tuned!

“Regular Courses” include “Dennings Math™”, “Little Baby Playgroup” and “Preparation Class for Primary School”.

“Other Courses” include “Interview Class for Primary School Admission”, “Cutie Food Class”, “Music, Painting & Art Work Class”, “Story Book – Creative Course” and “Light Clay × Slime Creation Class”.

Each student can enjoy Free Trial for one of the Regular Courses. Other Courses do not provide Free Trial.

For any change or cancellation of class, you should contact the Center ASAP by phone or WhatsApp (9543 9070), parents may also attend to the Center and make request. The Center will try to arrange make-up classes or change to other classes to provide high flexibility for parents’ and students’ arrangement. However, if following conditions are not met, the Center reserves its right to deduct the fees/coupon. We thank parents for their understanding.

Reason 1: If students are sick

Inform the center in not less than two hours before class, and inform us the infections or diseases for record, in order to safeguard other students and parents’ health. (The Center may request a medical certificate)

Reason 2: If students are sick during class

If our tutor considers a student is sick or unwell, parents or guardians will be asked to pick up the student immediately for the safeguard of the health of others. (Generally, make up or change of class is not entertained. However, the Center will try to accommodate, if possible.)

Other Reasons

Seven days before the change/cancellation
(Make-up class/ change of class cannot be changed again once rescheduled.)

Typhoon or Rainstorm Warning Signal

Please refer to Typhoon and Rainstorm – Classes Arrangement, but if typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, or “Black” Rainstorm Warning is issued, all classes of the day will be cancelled. (Make-up class/ change of class cannot be changed again once rescheduled.)

The Center reserves the right to modify these terms from time to time without further notice.

When Parents or Students enrol for any class, you also agree to be bound by these terms.

In case of conflict between the Chinese and English terms, Chinese version shall prevail.